Sunday, 28 August 2011

Almost the end of August and the end of summer...

My last post was in May and since then there have been changes in my life.  First off, my husband left me. I cannot describe the pain I felt.  An emotional roller-coaster of a ride!  Through it all I have learnt that God is truly faithful, and he is my rock, my one absolute in life.

Then, of course as well as coming to terms with the emotional wreck I was, I had to start looking for a job.  I hadn't worked outside of my home for around 24 years!  But you know, prayer changes things and sometimes God can make those changes happen quickly!  I asked the lord for a job close to home and part-time so I could work it around my part-time job at school, running parent and toddlers at church, and being there for Rosie at the end of her school day.  The interview went a little like this:  "What hours would you like to work, and how much an hour would you like to be paid?"  Haha, no, really, it was an interview the Lord had set up just for me!!

It has been tough, I can't deny that, but God is walking so closely to me, in me, working his purposes out in my life.  I am so grateful.   I still cry esp when alone, but I cry to the one who has saved me and knows me and understands.

Another big change is I am going to study theology, primarily a course entitled Introduction to the Bible.  I know the Lord has been tapping me on the shoulder about this for at least 5yrs and I've been resisting him, telling him I'm not clever enough etc etc know the times I've read of people in the bible who resisted God or told him they were children or couldn't speak, well I'm in good company!  A good friend told me that if I was seriously wanting to run away from it, then it must be God calling me to do it.  :)  My heart knows this.
Just like God to use some-one like me for his purposes....only His glory will shine through some-one weak and foolish but who loves God with all her heart and wants to be used for whatever purpose He has for her. ~ Be very careful how you pray - God will answer one day and not in the way you want or expect!

All glory to God, it is well with my soul

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