Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding day ~ 29th April 2011

It's been a beautiful day.  The wedding was wonderful. The church service moving. Vows were exchanged and I remembered the day I made mine.  Nearly 19 years ago now.  Let me introduce you to my blog; the patient wife.  I was actually hanging out my washing this afternoon and thinking about my marriage and the words 'Patient Wife' came into my mind. That is my title, with God's good grace, I am the patient wife.

I'm not sure how this blog will evolve.  It's my prayer that my writings will encourage other women, perhaps women who are themselves learning to be patient in afflictions.  It's also my hope that my life will glorify God in every way-he who is teaching me to be patient, loving, humble, gentle and kind in the face of adversity.

I dare to be a different wife.  I am at odds with the society of today that says it is my right to have happiness and thereby divorcing my husband would automatically give me the chance of finding the 'right' man who would make me happy and contented.  It is true that my marriage is in difficulty. I am feeling unloved and unwanted, and frequently abandoned.

But I choose to trust in a God who has saved me and I wait patiently, praying, still loving, still serving.  Perhaps my prayers will not be answered in the way I would like, but I have a heavenly father who holds all of time and space in his hands and I must trust his purpose and his plan for me.

To the world perhaps I seem to be a foolish wife, but I write with confidence in the God who loved me enough to send his son to die for me.

Perhaps you would like to join me as I wait patiently.

In His Hands